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BAJsolar joins Italia Solare, the Italian Photovoltaic Association

BAJsolar is proud to announce its official membership in Italia Solare, the prestigious Italian solar energy association, we express our gratitude to Italia Solare for welcoming us into their community. This strategic partnership underscores BAJsolar’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions globally and fostering sustainable development. 

Italia Solare is renowned for its dedication to promoting solar power use in Italy, advocating for favorable policies, and supporting technological innovation in the PV sector. By joining forces with Italia Solare, BAJsolar aims to enhance its presence in the European market, contributing to the association’s mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

BAJsolar is pleased to be part of Italia Solare, a partnership that will allow us to share our experience in the innovation and manufacture of N-Type TOPCon technology to drive the adoption of clean energy in the region. BAJsolar is looking forward to partnering with industry leaders to participate in important initiatives that will support Italy’s move towards a sustainable energy future.